Chamber of Auditors and Expert Accountants of Armenia

Corporate and Business Law

Subject 3 Fundamentals of jurisprudence


To provide knowledge in the field of jurisprudence and economic law of the Republic of Armenia, necessary for an accountant to carry out his professional activities:


RA Civil Code, General Provisions

Legal entities
Non-profit organizations
Economic companies
Trade cooperatives
Objects of civil law
General provisions on obligations

Contract law/transactions

The concept of a contract
Conclusion of the contract, amendment and termination of the contract
Terms, form and interpretation of the contract
Invalid contracts
Separate types of drawings
Property rights and other property rights
Transaction, representation, terms, limitation period

Other laws concerning economic law

Insolvency. RA Law “On Bankruptcy”
Labor Law. The Labor Code of the Republic of Armenia
Administrative law. The RA Law “On the Basics of Administration and Administrative Proceedings”, the RA Code “On Administrative Offenses
Protection of civil rights, Judicial power and judicial System, RA Code of Civil Procedure, RA Code of Administrative Procedure
The right to licensing. RA Law “On Licensing”
Foreign investments. RA Law “On Foreign Investments”

Evaluation method

Candidates must pass the exam consists of multiple choice questions and practical questions:

The exam is considered passed if the participant scored 50 or more points out of 100 possible points: